Friday, April 08, 2005


DJ Marz

If you know the Trailer Park Boys, then you know what's up with this picture. (That's pepperoni in his hand.)

If you're a TPB virgin, I suggest you start with the movie pilot, then watch the TV episodes, Seasons 1-4, in order. (If you're a hip hop fan, you can watch "Who's the Microphone Assassin" first -- Season 3.) Plots, subplots, relationships and characters build gradually, and for God's sake don't start with a Season 4 episode or you'll OD.

Click here for the DVDs.

Big up to my TPB connect, Dos Rexx, who shares my obsession. We've indoctrinated a few of our friends to the TPB code, including Marz here as well as Megabusive. Could you be next?


audio1 said...

Morning Stef. glad to see you on the blog circuit.

cakeboy vs the sad billionaire said...

If you use Torrents this one's for you.

Trailer Park Boys Season 5 Episode 1.

This is by far, the best show not on my television,

All the Best,

cAkEziLLa, London.......

DJ Stef said...

Thanks! Yes, it's the best show ever.

TwoB said...

I got caught up in this as well. Like the bloggy blog stef.