Saturday, May 21, 2005

Biz doll!

Cot damn, had a blast last night. You can't complain about seeing Lowbudget, Paul Nice and Prince Paul, all in close quarters. Milk was packed, but not uncomfortable.

Paul Nice blessed me with this Biz Markie doll -- 18" in height and one of 1,000 made, according to Bufalo Club, the manufacturer. I love him! He beatboxes when you squeeze him. He comes in a big ass cereal box complete with Nutrition Facts ("Calories from fat... Don't ask") and a warning: "Caution: This is not food." Gotta keep him in the plastic for now.

Prince Paul and Paul Nice -- I didn't notice the Serato until I saw this picture. Yep, I'm paying attention. Wish I'd had one of these buttons to give Prince Paul:

But I'm all out.


This dude Whiz is a TIGHT Oakland emcee with references from all over the place. Serg should have his new music covered soon on So Many Shrimp.

(This post brought to you by Advil Fast Acting Liqui-Gels.)

Friday, May 20, 2005

Paul N-I-C-E

photo jacked from

Tonight at Milk:


See you there!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Rappity rap rap

FRIDAY, May 13th
Club 6 Presents:
1. Subverse
2. Infinite
3. Dublin
4. Pharoah C
5. Megabusive
6. Uptown
7. Orukusaki
8. Wonway

First Place:
$200 cash prize + $100 in gear

SHORTKUT (Triplethreat/Beat Junkies Sound)
B-CAUSE (4Onefunk)
MORSECODE (Audiophonik)
SATVA (I.T.S./ The Breaks)


Setting off a raptastic weekend in rapalicious fashion! Saturday night we'll be gettin' durrty at Extra Classic presents The Block Is Hot at 26Mix, then Sunday be sure you get to the record swap at 1177 Polk St., Ste. 310 (near Sutter), noon to 6 pm.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Same !@#$ Different Day

Meet us at the Great American Music Hall tonight for the Lyrics Born show. Tom, you look so Zoolander in this photo. Maybe I'll see my old roommate, Chief Xcel. Yep, I used to get free Solesides shows in my living room. But every time Shadow came over, I was either asleep or in the shower.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It's the newww style.

I wore two different shoes today. And not on purpose.

My ol' Steve Maddens.

I know, I need new shoes and a tan.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Big Shug is back...

"...with the flyest material."

Got the 12-inch in the mail the other day. He's not singing this time. Am I the only one who's disappointed by that? I love the record, even though Serg says he shouldn't make Lord of the Rings references. (Serg saw Elijah Wood at the Fader party at SXSW and pointed "Frodo" toward the end of the line for the porta-potty.) You can hear "The Way It Is" in this week's VE Radio show. I played a lot of Boston stuff this week -- Big Shug, Ed O.G., Almighty RSO. Check out Big Shug's Never Say Die (The Pre-Album). I also got DJ Premier's "Step Ya Game Up 2" CD, which includes the Big Shug, Geto Boys' "When It Gets Gangsta" and Slim Thug, Mike Jones and Paul Wall "Still Tippin."

Shug and me, SF '99

Did you see "My Block: Houston" on MTV2? They could have had my boy Matt on there for at least a minute. At least he's in the credits, as Matt Sonzala So Real.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

"Jedi Mind 252, we mad nice!"

Vinnie Paz (The Independent SF, Oct. 2004), pic by Diane

Jedi Mind Tricks are on tour with Living Legends and opened for them (after Pigeon John and Serg's friend Mestizo, who calls me "ate") at the sold out Fillmore last night. My friend Yan (the Phenomenon -- check the first album) is their tour manager. He was part of Superegular Recordings, who I interviewed back in '97. I'll post that as soon as I get the new design up. Yan hooked me up with free entrance as he did back in October when they were here last. I wore my OG Jedi Mind Tricks shirt again. Always good to see him and the guys. No Stoupe (aka "Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind," Vinnie once said, "Me and Stoupe, we don't like people." They like me, though, luckily) this time. Vinnie, DJ Drew Dollars and crew killed it, playing a full hour, running through classic cuts from all the albums. I pushed my way up front for their set, waving my arms, yelling lyrics and jumping up and down with mostly teenage boys who can't drink anyway so they post up front and don't leave their spots all night. The kicker was the raw, uncensored version of "Kidnap the President's Wife." (That's a Nas quote from "Live at the Barbeque" in case you didn't know: "Kidnap the president's wife without a plan!") An edited version is hidden on the Legacy of Blood album, so says Fat Tony. (Big ups, Fat Tony!) Have to check on that. But the shit they did last night was ridiculous. I asked Yan for a copy, he said the label told him something like, "We like the beat, but uh... we're not putting that out." I was pretty tired after that and we didn't stay for the Legends' whole set, but I've only seen them like a million and a half times over the years. Had a killer headache today -- I get bad tension headaches -- but it was worth it. So I recorded this week's VE Radio show on two Advil gel caps. Maybe I should try mixing a screwed set when I'm on medication. Listen for the pedestrian, I mean Whitefolks drop, it's funny.

Blazefest & Whitefolks = Da Babylonianz

I feel really bad about missing Sole's San Francisco tour stop last Wednesday. I heard the show was great. We used to be really close and I miss him. Maybe he'll move back to the Bay sometime soon. Getting caught in the middle of the crap with him and El-P really sucked, and I don't think either of them trusts nor likes me as much as before all that shit went down. But that's a whole other long story that I won't be telling on the internet. When El-P was here a couple of years ago and we were riding to Amoeba for his in-store, I asked him, "Who was your first friend in this town?" He said, "You were." He also said, "Are you still doing The Vinyl Exchange? I miss that magazine."

I can't believe it's already May. That gives me a month and a half to lose 30 pounds by summer.