Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rapid Ric is coming!

Night Class presents Hard As Fuck @ Madrone Lounge on Thursday, February 7 with special guest DJ Rapid Ric from Austin, Texas!

Rapid Ric

Thank you, Shane.

Matthew Africa is working on Hard As Fuck Vol. 4. Cross your fingers for promo CDs at the party.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cool Kids Thursday 1/17

The Cool Kids are back in San Francisco this Thursday, January 17 at The Independent. Mr. Roboto presents The Cool Kids with Freebass 808, HOTTUB and DJ Vin Sol. Here are a couple of clips from their Cafe Du Nord appearance last June, shot by Serg. (You can hear him yelling near the end of the 2nd one.):

And on the same night, their DJ, Patrick Jake, will be at Night Class, the Thursday night weekly at Madrone Lounge with residents Shane King and Swayzee.

The Night Class crew is bringing out the one and only Rapid Ric from Austin, Texas, on Thursday, February 7th for the second Hard As Fuck party, presented by Beer and Rap. (Click to see flyer.) Special guest DJ Matthew Africa is working on the Hard As Fuck 4 mix as you read this. "It's goin' dine."

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year! Spindig 1/11/08

See you at the first Spindig Happy Hour party of the year. Just announced! Special guest DJ is local rap star Conceit!

Happy New Year! What did everyone do on New Year's Eve? We wanted to have dinner at Weird Fish or Regalito, but both were closed. Yum Yum was cool, cheap and not busy, and just up the street a bit at Casanova Lounge was the Booty Bassment NYE party.

DJ Ryan Poulsen of Booty Bassment

Then we headed to the Hotel Utah for the Pish Posh New Years Eve party. Lineup included Futuristic Prince, Lazer Sword/Swizzle, Ghosts on Tape and Buddy Leroy/Lizzle. The evening was fun, cheap and low key. Muni was free but going home there was NO bus so we walked the two miles home.

We missed Buddy's performance.

Hotel Utah's party room is kinda like someone's basement.

Lazer Sword

Futuristic Prince