Sunday, June 26, 2005

Stolen Records Alert: Toronto!!

Toronto heads and eBay shoppers, please keep an eye out for my man Big Jacks' records which were stolen the evening of June 24. Here is his message:

peace ya'll,

a DJs nightmare has just happened to me. Shortly after the Pete Rock jam over @ Roxy Blu here in Toronto my friends car was broken into and my crate of records, mixer, needles, and headphones were all stolen.

The car was parked on adelaide near spadina where una mas used to be and broken into between 3:30 and 4:30 am. If anyone knows ANYTHING or saw ANYTHING i'd appreciate if you could let me know.

each one of my records has my initials, "JI" written on the label,
mostly in permanent black marker. if this is seen in any stores or in anyone's crates, please let me know.

here's a list of records which were in the crate that was stolen. this is NOT EVERYTHING that was in the crate this is just what i remember off the top of the head,

these are all ORIGINAL PRESSED 12" singles unless otherwise noted....

R & B
Aaron Hall ‘don’t be afraid’
Arrested Development ‘Tennessee’
Casserine ‘why not take all of me’
Jade ‘don’t walk away’
Jomada ‘I like it’
Keith Sweat ‘just a touch of love’
Love & Laughter ‘I surrender’
Mary J Blige ‘be happy’
" " " ‘you bring me joy’
‘EP’ (w/ real love remix, everyday it rains, sincerity, etc)
Raphael Saadiq ‘get involved’
The Rayne ‘didn’t you know’
Soul 4 Real ‘candy rain’
" " " ‘every little thing you do’
SWV ‘right there’
" ‘im so into you’
‘im so into you’ (remix)
Toni Tony Tone LP (w/ Let’s get down)
Zhane ‘groove thang’
" ‘ hey mr DJ’

Hip Hop
ADOR ‘let it all hang out’
Alkaholiks ‘daaam’
The Alliance ‘do it’
Beatnuts ‘get funky’
Beastie Boys love America style EP (w/ hey ladies)
Big Daddy Kane ‘raw’
" " " ‘smooth operator’
Biz Markie ‘make the music with your mouth” EP
" " ‘something for the radio’
Black Sheep ‘flava of the month’ (test press)
" " ‘choice is yours’
Boogie Boys ‘fly girl’
Boogie Down Productions ‘criminal minded’ LP
" " " ‘jack of spades’
Chubb Rock ‘treat em right’
Common ‘like water for chocolate’ LP
Cypress Hill ‘hand on the pump’
De La Soul ‘me myself and I’
" " " ‘ring ring ring’
" " " ‘supasweepstakes’ EP
Diamond D 'sally got a one track mind'
Diamond D ‘f**k what you heard’
Digable Planets ‘rebirth of slick’
Dougie Fresh & Slick Rick ‘the show’
EPMD ‘headbanger’
Eric B & Rakim ‘paid in full’ LP
" " " ‘don’t sweat the technique’
" " " ‘juice (know the ledge)’
Fearless Four ‘rocking it’
Funkdoobiest ‘bow wow wow’
Fu Shnickens ‘breakdown’
Gangstarr ‘full clip’ LP
Ghostface Killah ‘cher chez la ghost’
Grand Daddy IU ‘something new’
Grand Puba ‘that’s how we move it’
Jeru ‘sun rises in the east’ LP
Jungle Brothers ‘straight out the jungle’ LP
Kardinal Offishall ‘ol time killin’
Kool G Rap ‘talk like sex’ reissue
KMD ‘what a niggy know’
Leaders of the new school ‘zone coasters’
LL Cool J ‘big ole butt’
Lords of the Underground ‘funky child’
Main Source ‘breakin atoms’ LP reissue
MC Lyte ‘cha cha cha’
Nas ‘virgo’
Nice & Smooth ‘funky for you’
" " " ‘hip hop junkies’
Notorious BIG ‘ready to die’ remastered reissue
NWA ‘straight outta compton’ LP
Poor Rigtheous Teachers ‘rock this funky joint’
Positive K ‘step up front’
Q tip ‘let’s ride’
Redman ‘time for some action’
Roxanne Shante ‘have a nice day’
Run DMC ‘it’s like that’
" " ‘peter piper’
" " ‘down with the king’
Schoolly D ‘Saturday night’
Slick Rick ‘children’s story’
" " ‘sittin in my car’
Showbiz & AG ‘runaway slave’ LP reissue
Special Ed ‘legal’ LP
Third Bass ‘gasface’
Tribe Called Quest ‘low end theory’ LP reissue
" " " ‘midnight mauraders’ LP reissue
" " " ‘find a way’
Ultramagnetic MCs ‘poppa large’
Wu Tang Clan ‘shame on a nigga’

again, ANY help is appreciated. thanks for your time
You can find Big Jacks at

Speaking of Canadians, I got to meet DJ Killa-Jewel (a kilojoule is like, a fraction of a kcal, I think?) from Montreal this weekend and do a little shopping with her at Amoeba and Groove Merchant (which she didn't want to leave). Check out her website,

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Animal Chin

"It's been a long time..." We moved a few weeks ago and are still unpacking. We are NOT going to move 3,000+ records again anytime soon.

I haven't found Animal Chin but I did capture Mr. Dibbs' chin when he was here on June 11th for the Scribble Jam tour. He also has nicely groomed eyebrows, thanks to the lovely Mrs. Dibbs. Performances by Glue, Blueprint and Mr. Dibbs were all spectacular, but to be honest I didn't pay much attention to the emcee battle which was won by Borat who, along with 2nd placer The Sauras, won a free trip to Scribble Jam to compete for the $10,000 prize. That's a lot of dough.

Pase (5 Deez), Kevin Beacham (Rhymesayers) and Dibbs pick the battle winner.

The next day was spent with Kevin Beacham and Trinity at the Haight Street Fair, hitting up some record stores along the way -- Future Primitive, Groove Merchant, Amoeba, Open Mind. The rest of the Scribble crew started on their way to Portland right after the show, but Kevin spent a little extra time to see SF before he had to get back to work planning the Scribble Jam 10th Anniversary. Hopefully we'll see you there in Cincinnati, August 11-14.

If you can answer the question, "Bryce Luv, where you at?"* then you already know about this record:

I put this in the mix today for this week's Vinyl Exchange Radio show. Not hard to find, but a must for any Mantronik collection. This is one of my favorite non-Mantronix Mantronik productions. Bryce Luv later joined Mantronix after Crime Master Tee left, and then later created Groove Theory. There are a couple of copies up on eBay right now. Check out the mix here. (And listen to ALL the past ones while you're at it.)

*answer: "(I'm) Just Adjustin' My Mic"