Thursday, April 07, 2005

Reissues make me mad.

Welcome to my blog. Since's server ate my website, this will give you something to read while I rebuild it.

Of all my 3,000+ (I think) records, Latee's "No Tricks" is my favorite 12-inch. Wild Pitch's "When MCs Had Skills" DJ single series is a good idea I guess, but reissues take value (and I'm not talking eBay value, I'm talking play value) away from the originals. That's if you're playing records. If you're playing burned CDs on your C-DJ or mp3s on Serato, it's not an issue.


trex said...

i got no# 3 in that series in the dollar bins at amoeba

Chill Rob G.
i've got the power

it's getin it's getin it's getin kinda hectik

asprin said...

serrato looks pretty dope. I'll have to check it out. As for the reissues...well, you can always value them for yourself I guess. Can't do much else about it though...demand/supply

dosrexx said...

Vinyl will break your heart, its the nature of things..

The only upside is that re-issues rarely if ever sound as good as the originals.. eg: Eric B Is President.. yellow label (orig) vs pink label (repress). The highs are sliced off completely, the bass sounds compressed.. no mas no mas.

I gave up a long time ago and got Serato, and the only question in my mind right now is not *if* Im going to get those DVD-DJ decks, but when.

The bottom line as I see it is; the crowd seriously doesnt care how they are being rocked, just that you rock them well.

I think Ill muse on this on my fresh new blog while its still got that new-blog smell to it..