Sunday, April 24, 2005

Gimme the Finger

Eibol and Nobs, flexin'.

Short video clip (11MB): eibolandnobs.mpg

Had a great time last night over in Oakland at the last show of the Fingerprint Records' crew's Gimme the Finger tour. Check them out at I also posted all my photos on their board. I went picture crrrrrrazy. Spent all day sizing and posting photos and recording this week's VE Radio show. Please listen but watch out for the trainwreck, you might hurt yourself. Pay attention to the Raw Soul record. I have an extra if anyone's interested. The shows now live on a new domain, (Soon with Quicktime streaming!) VE Radio is now looking for sponsors. So if you own a successful company that you'd like me to help promote on my weekly mix, gimme some dough.

Gotta rest up for the Dax Pierson benefit tomorrow night. Can't wait to hear what DJ Doseone is going to play.

Me and Dose.


Anonymous said...

Good looking on VE radio, i've enjoyed them all so far, when will the board be back up? i miss that place.
Keep up the good work!

DJ Stef said...

I'm glad you miss the board enough to miss it. So do I. Unfortunately all that data is gone forever so we will have to start a new one, hopefully this weekend.

Thanks for listening!

DJ Stef said...

I mean, I'm glad you LIKED the board enough to miss it.

Anonymous said...

^damn, can't wait!

Kingypoo said...

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