Saturday, October 29, 2005

Emo Rap Fest

I took some pics of Sage Francis years ago when he was a guest at the Anticon monthly showcase, and they keep getting jacked and showing up all over the internet. This one, too.

Since the Time Machine show on the 15th, which was dope (Peep the choreography.), Serg sprained his foot at the Glue show so we haven't gone out much. We saw Sage Francis, Sole and the Sol.ILLaquists of Sound on Wednesday at the Grand (weird venue), on the tour. Sleep was also there -- an all S line-up. Not to take away from the stellar performances, but a highlight of the show was Sole telling off the drunk girl up front who kept fucking with his laptop table.

Atmosphere rolls into town this week and is at the Fillmore Wednesday and Thursday. Both nights are sold out. I'm looking forward to a good show. In all my years as an Atmosphere fan (it started when my friend Kevin from Kentucky sent me a dubbed tape of Overcast in '98), I've never seen Ant.

We filmed the first episode of "VETV" last Sunday, at the Hunter's Point Shipyards with Eddie K and DJ Marz, at Future Primitive Sound Headquarters with Mark Herlihy and DJ RasCue, then at Groove Merchant with Cool Chris. Shoot day went great, but now the hard work begins: editing. I'll be spending all my spare time on this until January, when launches. And then hopefully afterwards as well, as we produce one episode per month. (Graphic/motion designers, hit me up, I need help!) I made up a radio show that isn't really on the radio, and now I'll have a TV show that isn't on TV!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's Time Machine Time

Get your hands on Time Machine's TM Radio. It's got a bunch of Time Machine tracks of course, plus tracks from Jahpan, The Procussions, Celph Titled and more, plus a DJ Mekalek mix session. Go to Glow In the Dark's site for more info.

Going to see them tonight at Slim's with Giant Panda and People Under the Stairs. I hope they have choreography like last time, so good.

Last night's Spindig happy hour party was a great success! I'd like to get a monthly going at 330 Ritch where DJs can play what they like and maybe feature some live music too. It's so close to work, they're open for happy hour on Fridays anyway, AND I do like to play records.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's Friday: Countdown to Happy Hour

Come on down to our happy hour party at 330 Ritch Street. DJs Hoj, Stevie, Nick Will and I will be spinning house, hip-hop, 80s, soul and whatever we want. It's free!

(Click the pic above to see the poster.)

"Quality of Life" was very good. It's refreshing to see a film set in San Francisco that's gritty and authentic. It's good to see a film that involves hip-hop that isn't corny. (DJ D-Sharp's in it and Tajai ain't a bad actor.) I'll write a detailed review as soon as I have time. Go see it this weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Quality of Life

Locally-produced graffiti film "Quality of Life" premiere is TONIGHT at 7 pm at the UA Galaxy on Sutter @ Van Ness Avenue. See you there! Runs for a couple of weeks. Check the website and the trailer. "Quality of Life" is an independent narrative feature film about two graffiti writers struggling to maintain their friendship after getting busted for painting. It was filmed and edited in the Mission, and played film festivals around the world last year (won awards in Berlin and Stockholm). QoL was made by locals and stars many well-knowns in the SF art and music scene (including Tajai, Sam Flores, Abhor, and TopR, among others).

Monday, October 10, 2005

What a weekend.

Friday night after happy hour at 21st Amendment (try the Watermelon Wheat), we meet up with our friend Woo and head over to Milk for Night of the Remix.

DJs Kingmost (not shown here, that's Vin Sol on the right) and Morse Code killed it. 3XDope's "Funky Dividends" over Kanye's "Gold Digger" beat was my favorite.

Special guest DJ Mike 2600 was introduced to the hyphyness that is SF. I also have random crowd shots of white tees, collar popping, gettin' low and shirt removal that I won't post here. But believe me, it went down (and so did one guy's pants).

Saturday afternoon we hit up Justin Torres' record sale and I picked up some hip-hop 12s and a sealed MC Ant LP. Also got the Loose Ends 12-inch with the Gang Starr remix that I lost a few years ago. Thank you, DJ B.Cause!

With Soul Strut homies Mike 2600 AND Terry_Clubbup in town, we organized a little karaoke party in Japantown. Words can't describe what ensued, but here are a few visuals. Note the progression from cool and calm to outright foolishness. SO fun.

More over at Serg's blog.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

We got press.

Serg's and my blogs are listed in this week's SF Weekly cover story about hip-hop blogs. Now I feel obligated to actually write stuff.

See you at Milk this Friday night.

Monday, October 03, 2005

13 and God

photo by Odd Nosdam

Back to the Great American Music Hall for Themselves and The Notwist as 13 & God. Every song was bangin'. BANGin'.

Ask Jel about the time MC Lyte walked into his dressing room while he was changing.