Sunday, March 26, 2006

SXSW 2006 + Houston Pics

SXSW was too much fun. Can't wait for next year.

I couldn't wait to be in Texas and drink a Texan beer.

At the Back Room with Walker, waiting for the rap.

Matt Sonzala's SXSW XX Nikes. I forget how many they made of these--not very many.

Matt So Real hooked us up.

Rapid Ric

Da Ryno

Balance repped the Bay.

Grit Boys!

Chalie Boy

Mr. (Bavu) Blakes

Everyone knows ("BBQ") Walker.

Tum Tum aka OTUMa TUM Laden

"I'm-a TUSSLE with ya..."

Todd Inoue reporting for the San Jose Metro!

Matt's photos are WAY better than mine.


I'm about to tear up some fajitas.

Walker is from NOLA.

The partying starts at the Fader/Levi's thang.

Ross Hogg taking advantage of the Levi's hookup.

Our gig at Club 115.

DJ Ceeplus and the House of Bad Knives

Oxy Cottontail

Roxy, Catchdubs, Ayres--NYC in the building.

The Rub! So official.

Archaic getting hyphy.

Flatblackplastic--Say it 10 times fast.

Chingo Bling



Cadence Weapon, my new favorite Canadian rapper-slash-Trailer Park Boys fan.

St. Patrick's Day

Cosmo at Factory People.

"Serato"--my favorite song!

I met my idol Shepard Fairey.

At Emo's.

Tommy rocking the St. Patrick's outfit.

JBird repped for Chicago AND St. Patrick's Day.

Hi, Al!

Happy Belated, Murs.

Happy Birthday, 2Mex! Life Rexall on the left.

Mac Lethal

Soul Position

P.O.S. aka Stef

So much free beer.

Crescent Moon


So pretty in the Beauty Bar.

Free jello shots!

Walker and Chris

Michael Watts

Lady Sovereign

DJ Signify

Devin killed it as usual.

Lupe Fiasco kicking and pushing.

In Houston now with DJ Eva. (That is NOT Matt wearing those jeans.)

Dan Greenpeace from London! At Warehouse Live in Houston.

Sway and Turk in the house as well.

Atmosphere. I can never get too much.

Grinch! This guy helped launch The Vinyl Exchange 10 years ago.


This place is the bomb.


At Rap-A-Lot!

Omar of Rap-A-Lot

At the Grit Boys' studio. Transatlantic connection.