Sunday, September 27, 2009

DJ Premier in San Francisco

It's been a long time. He shouldn'ta left us.

DJ Premier - Part 1

Had a blast at the DJ Premier show at 330 Ritch last night. Thank you, Big Gord! More video to come.

Before the show I watched his Red Bull Music Academy interview with Chairman Mao. Two years late, but better late than never. So many great stories here. My favorites are 1) How all his records got rained on in the back of his truck while driving from Texas to New York, which resulted in the static-y sample in "The ? Remainz," and 2) As a little kid getting lost at an Ike & Tina Turner concert.

Video is here and transcript is here.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Peanut Butter Wolf Extravaganza - Palm Springs

For real, that's what they called it.

Our weekend getaway to Palm Springs with DJ Joe Bank$ and his girl Liz just happened to coincide with a Stones Throw show at the Ace Hotel. Our friend DJ Day opened, so although we love staying at "our" house with the pool, we broke away for one night to go. Day offered to try to get us on the guest list, to which we responded, "It's cool," until we get to the entrance and find out the cover is $30. We needed an ATM, so walk back to the lobby. The Ace Hotel is WAY bigger than I expected (180 rooms). ATM is out of order. Long story short, we walk for almost an hour searching for an automatic teller machine, a machine, apparently for Palm Springs, "from the future." The four of us had been drinking all day (some more than others, guess which ones) and it was 100 degrees outside at night. Finally we find one, get back and into the venue.

I say hi to Peanut Butter and explain what we're doing in Palm Springs. I hesitate to introduce him to Serg, wondering if he's aware of his Twitter war with Dam-Funk. (More on that later.) We thought he may show up and there might be a throw-down, but to my relief Dam-Funk is not there. However, Peanut Butter Wolf, James Pants and Gary Wilson are all there, and it's an amazing show. PB plays a fun yet deep VJ set which includes Rick James, Billy Ocean, Inner City, Madvillain, the Jackson 5, Nas and a lot more.

Peanut Butter Wolf mixes Gang Starr and Michael Jackson.

I was very excited to see Gary Wilson and he did not disappoint. We saw him again in San Francisco a week later. The music is great on its own, but Gary adds his performance art panache to make it next level. His duct tape headdress had the tape roll hanging off it. Amazing. Serg tweeted: "This dude has the George Clinton at home kit."

Gary Wilson & the Blind Dates with James Pants on drums.

Hell Awaits Tour SF video

Better late than never.

MC Esoteric and DJ Beyonder

Jedi Mind Tricks "Heavy Metal Kings"

Security told me both times to stop recording video. Glad I wasn't kicked out the second time.