Saturday, November 08, 2008

Toy Selectah in SF

It's been a long while. Catch up time!

Recent shows:

Jedi Mind Tricks at Slim's

Babygrande labelmates Young God (Blue Sky Black Death) and Vinnie Paz

New album out Tuesday -- A History of Violence. Thanks for the pics, Diane.

Reef the Lost Cauze is on tour with them (as is Outerspace and King Magnetic -- Philly tour is deep!). Look out for him, he is refreshingly dope and a great performer.

I just found this "Vinnie Paz Documentary" on YouTube. I know Jedi Mind Tricks very well and I find this shit hilarious! Vinnie hasn't seen it yet but he said his brother told him it was funny. Only JMT fans will get it. The song at the end kills.

Devin the Dude and Coughee Brothaz at Slim's

Rob Quest!

Mega$oid opened for Glitch Mob at Mezzanine. Look out for my interview with them in the next Versus Mag.

Santogold was SOOOOO good!

Rocktober rocked! Spindig's 3rd Anniversary, Tacober Fest and National Thuggy Fresh Day were the highlights.