Saturday, March 31, 2007

Paul Nice back in SF tonight!

See you at Milk tonight.

I jock Nick Catchdubs's flyer steez. But do you see the typo?

Comic I'm feelin': Finished Brian Wood's Supermarket series TPB, illustrated by Kristian Donaldson, on my flight to Houston (which was supposed to be a flight to Austin, but the plane landed in Houston 4-1/2 hours late) for SXSW. Gonna check out his Channel Zero next. If you know of similar books that I might dig, please hit me up with suggestions.

Supermarket's story and graphics got me geeked.

My personal March Madness recap (which has nothing to do with college basketball) is coming soon. You can get some of it from my honey's blog, but that's only part of my story. In the meantime get a taste of the El-P tour at which features a clip from El-P's SXSW performance with Mr. Dibbs and band at the Red Eyed Fly. I was standing next to the camera guy, so it's almost exactly like being me at that show. Drink three tall cans of Lone Star before watching, and it WILL be exactly like being me.

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