Thursday, April 19, 2007

Do NOT Sleep This Saturday, San Francisco

I have been waiting since my trip to Seattle last summer for Fourcolorzack to make an appearance in the Bay and finally it goes down this Saturday night at Milk, thanks to the army that is SuperFriends.

Peep this clip of my first Fourcolorzack experience at the Puma Store in Bellevue, WA with DJ Supreme:

After this set I thanked Zack for making me feel at home, and he told me he was coming out here in August. Well that didn't happen, and despite constant nagging, Erik at Milk is still nice to me.

I'm still gonna post my SXSW recap, even it's two months late. It's comin'.

And this Sunday night, April 22nd, meet me at the Hemlock Tavern to celebrate Dose One's 30th birthday as well as RE:UP Magazine's Issue #13 release. Dose promises to DJ until he's too drunk to use a headphone cue.

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