Friday, February 17, 2006

Slump & Grind 2: It's a celebration.

Tonight at the DNA Lounge is Hey DJ, featuring DJ Revolution (he's from Northampton, Mass--whatup Lori!) as well as Ross Hogg and DJ B.Cause celebrating the release of their mix CD, "Slump & Grind 2," the follow-up to the ever-slumping "Slump & Grind." Go to the shop section of Ross Hogg's site,, and add to cart NOW.

The DNA Lounge has a live webcast, so you can watch/listen online and the audio will be archived for two weeks. That's one thing I love about the DNA (I've been going there since the late 80s--I remember when Doc Martin was a barback). It almost makes up for their expensive-ass drinks. But not quite. Big thanks to DJ NeoGeo, who will also be rocking the turntables with his homie Boogie Brown. Check for them at

Also tonight is what I call the 10:00 Free Grime Giveaway at Anu on Sixth Street. Info at

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