Monday, October 10, 2005

What a weekend.

Friday night after happy hour at 21st Amendment (try the Watermelon Wheat), we meet up with our friend Woo and head over to Milk for Night of the Remix.

DJs Kingmost (not shown here, that's Vin Sol on the right) and Morse Code killed it. 3XDope's "Funky Dividends" over Kanye's "Gold Digger" beat was my favorite.

Special guest DJ Mike 2600 was introduced to the hyphyness that is SF. I also have random crowd shots of white tees, collar popping, gettin' low and shirt removal that I won't post here. But believe me, it went down (and so did one guy's pants).

Saturday afternoon we hit up Justin Torres' record sale and I picked up some hip-hop 12s and a sealed MC Ant LP. Also got the Loose Ends 12-inch with the Gang Starr remix that I lost a few years ago. Thank you, DJ B.Cause!

With Soul Strut homies Mike 2600 AND Terry_Clubbup in town, we organized a little karaoke party in Japantown. Words can't describe what ensued, but here are a few visuals. Note the progression from cool and calm to outright foolishness. SO fun.

More over at Serg's blog.

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