Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's Time Machine Time

Get your hands on Time Machine's TM Radio. It's got a bunch of Time Machine tracks of course, plus tracks from Jahpan, The Procussions, Celph Titled and more, plus a DJ Mekalek mix session. Go to Glow In the Dark's site for more info.

Going to see them tonight at Slim's with Giant Panda and People Under the Stairs. I hope they have choreography like last time, so good.

Last night's Spindig happy hour party was a great success! I'd like to get a monthly going at 330 Ritch where DJs can play what they like and maybe feature some live music too. It's so close to work, they're open for happy hour on Fridays anyway, AND I do like to play records.


Monavie said...

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Planet said...

I've got some Japanese Procussion records so I'm curious about what's on that one.