Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Quality of Life

Locally-produced graffiti film "Quality of Life" premiere is TONIGHT at 7 pm at the UA Galaxy on Sutter @ Van Ness Avenue. See you there! Runs for a couple of weeks. Check the website and the trailer. "Quality of Life" is an independent narrative feature film about two graffiti writers struggling to maintain their friendship after getting busted for painting. It was filmed and edited in the Mission, and played film festivals around the world last year (won awards in Berlin and Stockholm). QoL was made by locals and stars many well-knowns in the SF art and music scene (including Tajai, Sam Flores, Abhor, and TopR, among others).


cash at home said...
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Inspire said...

Graffiti can't stop...won't stop!
Check this site out :

One love


Spitfire said...

nice graffiti. Just blog hopping. Where ru from? US? stay up. peace.

Lexus said...

graffiti'z da shyt nd alwayz gon b da shyt!!!

bang back early be easy..