Saturday, May 21, 2005

Biz doll!

Cot damn, had a blast last night. You can't complain about seeing Lowbudget, Paul Nice and Prince Paul, all in close quarters. Milk was packed, but not uncomfortable.

Paul Nice blessed me with this Biz Markie doll -- 18" in height and one of 1,000 made, according to Bufalo Club, the manufacturer. I love him! He beatboxes when you squeeze him. He comes in a big ass cereal box complete with Nutrition Facts ("Calories from fat... Don't ask") and a warning: "Caution: This is not food." Gotta keep him in the plastic for now.

Prince Paul and Paul Nice -- I didn't notice the Serato until I saw this picture. Yep, I'm paying attention. Wish I'd had one of these buttons to give Prince Paul:

But I'm all out.


This dude Whiz is a TIGHT Oakland emcee with references from all over the place. Serg should have his new music covered soon on So Many Shrimp.

(This post brought to you by Advil Fast Acting Liqui-Gels.)


ozeb said...

I'm yo' pusha man!

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