Sunday, June 19, 2005

Animal Chin

"It's been a long time..." We moved a few weeks ago and are still unpacking. We are NOT going to move 3,000+ records again anytime soon.

I haven't found Animal Chin but I did capture Mr. Dibbs' chin when he was here on June 11th for the Scribble Jam tour. He also has nicely groomed eyebrows, thanks to the lovely Mrs. Dibbs. Performances by Glue, Blueprint and Mr. Dibbs were all spectacular, but to be honest I didn't pay much attention to the emcee battle which was won by Borat who, along with 2nd placer The Sauras, won a free trip to Scribble Jam to compete for the $10,000 prize. That's a lot of dough.

Pase (5 Deez), Kevin Beacham (Rhymesayers) and Dibbs pick the battle winner.

The next day was spent with Kevin Beacham and Trinity at the Haight Street Fair, hitting up some record stores along the way -- Future Primitive, Groove Merchant, Amoeba, Open Mind. The rest of the Scribble crew started on their way to Portland right after the show, but Kevin spent a little extra time to see SF before he had to get back to work planning the Scribble Jam 10th Anniversary. Hopefully we'll see you there in Cincinnati, August 11-14.

If you can answer the question, "Bryce Luv, where you at?"* then you already know about this record:

I put this in the mix today for this week's Vinyl Exchange Radio show. Not hard to find, but a must for any Mantronik collection. This is one of my favorite non-Mantronix Mantronik productions. Bryce Luv later joined Mantronix after Crime Master Tee left, and then later created Groove Theory. There are a couple of copies up on eBay right now. Check out the mix here. (And listen to ALL the past ones while you're at it.)

*answer: "(I'm) Just Adjustin' My Mic"


SergDun said...

borat was second place, Thesaurus won the battle

DJ Stef said...

See, I said I wasn't paying much attention.

D.L. Chandler said...


I have that 12-inch but do you remember the ACTUAL debut? It was called "This Is Called Hip Hop"...Mantronik produced it as well. I had it at but my house caught fire and I lost it...peace.

Mash Comp of Dumhi

DJ Stef said...

Yeah I have that too.