Sunday, May 08, 2005

Big Shug is back...

"...with the flyest material."

Got the 12-inch in the mail the other day. He's not singing this time. Am I the only one who's disappointed by that? I love the record, even though Serg says he shouldn't make Lord of the Rings references. (Serg saw Elijah Wood at the Fader party at SXSW and pointed "Frodo" toward the end of the line for the porta-potty.) You can hear "The Way It Is" in this week's VE Radio show. I played a lot of Boston stuff this week -- Big Shug, Ed O.G., Almighty RSO. Check out Big Shug's Never Say Die (The Pre-Album). I also got DJ Premier's "Step Ya Game Up 2" CD, which includes the Big Shug, Geto Boys' "When It Gets Gangsta" and Slim Thug, Mike Jones and Paul Wall "Still Tippin."

Shug and me, SF '99

Did you see "My Block: Houston" on MTV2? They could have had my boy Matt on there for at least a minute. At least he's in the credits, as Matt Sonzala So Real.

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jazzbeezy said...

why you gotta take Matt's side, Stef?