Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Mr. Fives Reunion Party Fri. 1/5/07!

If you EVER went to Mr. Fives back in the day, you HAVE to show out for the reunion!

From Michael O'Connor's (one of the "Fives") website: "While attending CAL, I helped to create an incredible multi-use arts and music space called MR. FIVES. MR. FIVES was located in a beautiful space on Rose St opposite from the front door of Zuni Cafe. The small business featured dancing with a beer and wine license but also showcased emerging playwrites, lecture series, live jazz (MR. Fives was where, in 1991, the Broun Fellinis, Charlie Hunter and Alphabet Soup played some of their first shows in the City ... when there really were no outlets for young jazz in the city). The space opened a little after I turned 21 and was my first involvement with establishing a small business. The business was incredibly successful and influenced the shifting idea of what an entertainment space could be about in San Francisco. In total there were 5 partners, a couple of whom were leaving SF and the group decided to close the space at the peak of its popularity."

R.I.P. Creighton Cole.

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