Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Time Machine & PUTS back in SF

DJ Mekalek of Time Machine

Time Machine is touring with PUTS again, and are at The Independent Wednesday night, April 26th. PUTS have a new album to promote, Stepfather, which is really good but at the moment I'm most excited about the "Tuxedo Rap" 12-inch. It's fresh, modern rap delivered in classic disco style. Love the cover, too. I'm hoping the remix comes out on wax soon. Mekalek has a new 12-inch out as well, with Percee P on the P-side, "The Gritty Bop," and Fedd Hill on the F-side, "Love Life Money Guns."

Check out the PUTS See & Hear device at puts-stepfather.com. Fun little album promo.

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