Sunday, September 16, 2007

Can Goods & Treasure Island Music Festival

Can Goods today, Treasure Island yesterday, Catchdubs Friday night. Crazy weekend! Hope to actually see Bun B perform.

We have been laughing all weekend about the Slap party Friday night, Venue was switched from RX Gallery to Etiquette Lounge which looks nice from the photos, but is quite bizarre in reality (how upscale can you be at Market and 7th?). And not enough etiquette. Anyway, one of the owners apparently enjoys accompanying the DJs on his saxophone.

Catchdubs searches for tracks with sax.

Trackademicks is perplexed.

More of Serg's pics here. (Note the fine homoerotic artwork.)

Pics from SuperFriends with Low Budget here. We left at 1:30 and MIA hadn't shown up, so I doubt she did.

Yesterday at the Treasure Island Music Festival, performances were all good but one of the highlights for me was DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's "Hard Sell" intro. Check it in five parts, from their Hollywood Bowl show, here:

Search YouTube for "hard sell," "shadow" and "cut chemist" and you'll find more.

By deeeeee on flickr

And there are already lots of great pics up from the festival here. I had a blast.

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