Saturday, January 21, 2006

Catchdubs in SF 1/21

NYer and Fader editor Nick Catchdubs is back at Milk tonight, this time with DJ Ayres of The Rub. Can't wait to hear what they'll play. Nick was last here back in September for Westside Gangbang with Roxy, and it was hyphy to the height of hyphe-tivity. Let's see if the alleged Milk "hyphy ban" has any effect on tonight's selection. Side note: Does anyone remember the Milk Bar in Berkeley, circa 1990, if I remember correctly? DJs played hip-hop and I think they didn't serve alcohol, hence the name. Milk on Haight certainly does, thank goodness.

Last weeks XXXPlosive tour was just that, explosive. After Ross Hogg's opening set, Pase Rock and Cosmo Baker ripped shit with Spank Rock sprinkling vocals. Pase had us pose for pictures with his Scion bag for some reason, Serg actually danced, and I still have a bruise on the top of my foot from the girl (or ONE of the girls, I should say) who was freaking DJ Marz at the bar.

We have our tickets, hotel and car reserved for SXSW. I can't wait. We're flying in and out of Houston and hanging with the one Matt Sonzala So Real.

VE Radio may actually be on the radio soon. We may be hooking up with a local pirate station. Stay tuned.

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Sested One said...

Sup darlin'...this is your boy Sest down in H-Town. Was doinsome hella deep cleanin' and ran across a copy of VE from 97. Had to jump on the internet and see if it was still poppin' off. i was in the bay about 4 months ago workin' and trid like nuts to get in contact with you. All ifound was a general e-mail under some Bay area web site for DJ listings...anyway good to see things semm to be going well. Hit me when you get to Texas...travelin' a ton but I might be here.
One Love