Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Adult Situations feat. Motion Man out today

Get "High School Reunion" at 320kbps right here.

Motion Man is back! Adult Situations, a CD featuring Motion Man with beats by Unagi & Jethroe, is out today. The album also features Lyrical C and D'Wyze, with remixes by KutMasta Kurt and TomC3.

It's the Motion Man we all know and love, with ultra-clever -- and at times hilarious -- lyrics, all under the theme of, in the words of Borat, "sexy time." Beatmakers Unagi and Jethroe create the aural ambience with smooth, soulful, early-70s-feelin' keys over hip-hop drums, peppered with vocal samples from the likes of -- uh, let's not name names. You'll know.

The album opener gets you primed by "Pouring You More Champagne." But "not trying to get you drunk," Motion doesn't like you sloppy. The Motion Man sing-a-along choruses are my favorite, as in "High School Reunion" with old friend Lyrical C, which also includes some sexy whispering: "juuuniorr... seeeniorr..." After high school, it's time to move on to an "Interoffice Romance," which also appears later with a KutMasta Kurt remix -- a musical reunion. From there it's a journey through several Adult Situations. Get it and get stimulated.

Check it out at adult-situations.com.

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